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Hi, I’m Shannon and I write this personal growth blog as an odd little testimony of the work I’m doing in my life.  My story isn’t about all the big things I do and the fabulosity surrounding me.  I don’t and there isn’t!

This blog will chronicle the time my husband, Scott and I separated.  It’s a horrible thing, but maybe better than the alternative if nothing had changed.  I focus on the idea that we can reunite.  He wants me to get through the fear and anger that I’ve been flinging at him for years.  I have to move forward without spending too much time checking over my shoulder.  Sound like a rollicking romp?  Stay tuned…

I do not want to sound fake or saccharine.  I’m not perfect.  I’m a little loud and coarse.  Got a bit of a potty mouth and superiority complex.  I have no constancy of opinion.  Apparently, I begin too many sentences with “I.”  But I’m here. I’m showing up and doing what I think is the right thing, and I’ll take my lumps if I screw up.

There are many little choices we make and we might wonder if they really make a difference.  Here are my choices, every day, for better or for worse.  I thank you right now for your time, comments and prayers.


Written by Shannon Udell

November 10, 2007 at 2:49 pm

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