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My Conversation with the Universe #4

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I will be in various stages of vacation with Brigit and my folks from August 9 thru 20.  During that time, I will be in and out of the cellular and wifi world, mostly out of it.  What I have to offer for this time are excerpts from my journal.  They are posted in random order, not cleaned up too much and exist in varying stages of relevance to my actual situation.  I chose them because they contain interesting kernels I might flesh out later.  Please feel free to carry on the conversation without me and I’ll check in when I can.  From the heart, Shannon.

Me:  I think it’s time we had a change.
U:  Will you please repeat that?
Me:  Change, I need change.
U:  Never would have imagined those words coming out of your…
Me:  Ok, well I’m saying it.  I never wanted this at all, but the ball is rolling; let’s make a life.
U:  So your asking.
Me:  I’m manifesting, like we did with the money.  And thanks.
U:  You’re welcome.  You are detached from any outcome?
Me:  Well, I’m rooting for success, but sure.
U:  Then you gotta work from the idea that you already are.
Me:  Working?
U:  A success.
Me:  Um.
U:  Um, yeah, because you just want to talk about how you’re this big failure, blah, blah.
Me:  Well…
U:  Yeah, Marriage in a Coma; I know, it’s serious…  Time to turn around and look forward.
Me:  I take it you are getting tired of the story.
U:  And the way you limit yourself.  If you lable yourself as the woman who did this…
Me:  I’m not going to get far, I dig that.
U:  So, is that cycle over?
Me:  Yeah, I’m still sad.
U:  Oh, sad you can keep as long as you seek new feelings to come along side it.
Me:  Successful feelings.
U: Ready to begin?
Me:  As soon as I get that song out of my head.


Written by Shannon Udell

August 19, 2010 at 5:00 am

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