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Friday-Go-Round #2

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I stayed an extra day, ran errands with Scott and the girls, did some sad, did some awesome.  I dropped Brigit off at work and spent some time shopping with Megan.  Megan was the last person I saw in Rocklin and the first to greet me in the form of a letter waiting on my desk here in Geyserville.  Now I am missing my loves, but glad to be snuggling into my own bed.  I know, who’d have thought?   It’s a surreal life.

Adding to the theme of detachment this week are some thoughts on two things I’ve disengaged from in the last few weeks.

Coffee: I have slowly weened myself down to one week cup in the morning, then finally made the jump to an herbal tea with cinnamon and ginger.  It gave me the mildest of headaches the first day, then nothing but bliss.  I enjoy not being dependent on coffee.  I’m sure my inflammation has gone down that much more, along with my blood pressure, and I feel some hope for this shiny new crown in my mouth.

Television:  Don’t let me get too preachy, because the internet has taken its place and when the shows I like come back in the fall, I’ll surely watch them on the network sites.  This is more about choice and refining my choices.  Online, I choose what I see.  My Google reader, Bloglovin’, Facebook and Twitter accounts refer me to new content all the time that is usually aligned with what I want to put in my head.  Yes, last night that was Animaniacs clips on You Tube, but again, my choice.  By staying off the tv, I won’t find myself wound up in giving a crap about someone else’s drama.  I’m protecting my heart these days.

Here are three pages that came across my readers this week that seem to fit my idea of detachment.

  • Kevin Beck of Transmillennial debates the existence of a thing called happiness, but beautifully offers Permission to Feel Happy.

Happy Friday, all.  Revel in your weekend!


Written by Shannon Udell

August 6, 2010 at 5:00 am

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