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The Three I’s to Getting Ahead of Change

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Change is something that has resulted in floods of stress and fear in my life.  It’s time to gain some control over what changes are going down and when change will happen.  Do I think I’m gonna get control over my whole life and nothing unexpected will happen?   Of course not, but it is time for me to add some imagination, invitation and intention to all the random change around me.

This week that I’ve spent with Scott and the girls has reminded me to pay attention to synchronicity in my life.  So many times when we would make a choice to do the sensible thing, even if it was inconvenient, we felt rewarded by running into a person or picking up a piece of conversation that gave us insight into a question we were having.  These little messages have validated choices we have made or are considering and were each very helpful.

The choices and changes I have to be making remind me of the saying, “If you want to make an omelette, you have to break a lot of eggs.”   This omelette, this life I’m constructing is requiring many many eggs.  Lots of breaking, but apparently I need the protein.  When I am unaware, not paying attention, just skipping down the lane staring into the clouds, change sneaks up and hits hard.  I want to try a new way of inviting the change that is best for me.

  • Imagine.  I am beginning to get an inkling of where I want to go now with my writing/blogging.  In my journals I imagine a day in my future and the steps it might take to get there.  I try to keep the vision as clear as possible and see as many details as I can.
  • Invite.  As I write, I look at that future me and I invite her to come up with ways we can connect.  I invite the changes I would need to make in my life to arrive at the place where she is.
  • Intend.  Walking openly out into my day, I am ready for the coincidences that will point me toward change.  I still may not know what’s coming at me, but I am prepared to meet it and move forward from there.

I see my life as I hope it unfolds, invite the changes that must come to create that life and intend to welcome those changes when they come.


Written by Shannon Udell

August 5, 2010 at 5:00 am

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