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Audacity and My Late Night Journal

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From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Audacity: intrepid boldness, bold or arrogant disregard for normal restraints

Audacity is the answer to a call.  There are songs in our souls that sing so loudly we couldn’t possibly ignore.  Our songs sing of creation, the creation of ourselves and the action we need to take to become ourselves. The lyrics are simple and just for us, “You love yoga,” “Look at that landscape,”  “We’ll flourish in that job,”  “Here are some words. Write them down.”  We listen or we don’t.  When we listen and  we screw up all our courage to move toward that call, we are audacious.  Grain is gone against, streams are swam up, mountains are climbed – every one.  Selves are become.

Intrepid: characterized by fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance

Audacity feels like a momentary spurt of energy, but it’s more.  Audacity follows the road right up to the rock face and starts climbing.  Audacity runs out of gas then gets out and walks.  Words in our songs may be difficult to sing, but in our audacity we master them, every note and we belt them out to a world that may be indifferent.  The lyrics point out where the tools are, just the right ones for the moment and no matter how heavy they are, in our intrepid audacity we pick them up.

Fortitude: strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage.

Where else but in our audacity do we find the fortitude to deal with consequences of following our own path.  Rewards aren’t immediate.  There’s a lot of learning, wrong moves, unpopular choices, anger, fear, or blame we slog through to get to the place where our song comes from and even then we get little time for rest.  When we get to the place where our song is sung, and we breathe in the sweet air of that completion, something new will begin to tickle our ears.  O Audacious one, there is always another song!


Written by Shannon Udell

July 29, 2010 at 5:00 am

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