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Five Steps to Get Your Life Back in the Groove

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There you go down that same old road, trying to recapture your former glory days and you feel stuck.  Nobody likes feeling spent and defeated, but the problem with focusing on the past is that we never look at the whole story of those times.  We focus on how amazing things were when we felt at our peak and how crappy everything got when it all came down.  A story has more than just a middle and an end, but we rarely remember the beginning.

People use the word “mojo,” but I’m not a fan. The term implies magic, and real power is in the work.  I prefer a term like spunk, or even better, audacity.  Our audacity is not a lost-glory-days feeling from the past.  It  isn’t something unattainable from the “way things used to be.”  To find your feeling of audacity, you must skip the glorious past and go back to where it all began.

  • Visualize the time you feel you have lost.  What were you doing?  How old were you?  Who was around you?  Look carefully in your mind at everything you had at your disposal.  Where did it all come from?  How did you obtain it?  How did you get to that position in the first place?
  • Look back to the beginning of that time and see the work you put into it.  Odds are you didn’t march into that place and just “become fabulous.”  Who did you help out?  What were the hours, the practice drills, the mistakes you made?  What did you give away, do without?  How much did it cost?
  • Write down the baby-steps you took to thrive in this place, the choices you are glad you made, the coincidences that propelled you forward.  To get anywhere in life we start with the first thing we did, then the second, then the third.  Get down on paper every little newbie step no matter how inconsequential it seems to you now, because it mattered enough then for you to have done it.
  • Start at the beginning of your list.  Try to do one thing you did then, adapted in the context of now.  I know you can’t spend all day in the library card files, but I think Google will work nicely too.  Make one change to your plan (even if that change is to make a plan).  There, let that feeling sink in.  Feel yourself moving forward.  Write down the sensations of this act, and any emotion you felt in executing and completing it.
  • Acknowledge the work you put into this.  Fleetingly recall how stuck you were at the beginning of this experiment and that you are one step closer to fighting weight.  Remember that you had to act to get here.  Remember that this isn’t a one time shot or something that “just happened.”

Rebuilding confidence is a process moving outward from the inside.  Ultimately we are what we have to draw on:  personal knowledge, power, calm, connectedness.  Audacity flows from what we put into our hearts and souls.  If you feel like you lost it all and are completely drained, take lots of time to replenish yourself.  Read everything you can get your hands on for your area of interest, even beginner books.  Get out and walk or sit in nature to give yourself perspective and move more than just your brain.  Beware of “information overload.”  Slow and steady will win the race and soon get you back into that great old feeling of your own audacity.


Written by Shannon Udell

July 27, 2010 at 5:00 am

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