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My Conversation with the Universe

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Me: Give him back.

U: I’m here child.

Me: No I mean it; give him back.

U:  You create your own realities here kid.

Me:  Then this is me creating myself back with Scott, hand him over.

U:  Perhaps you haven’t read the manual…

ME:  Oh, I’ve read all your stuff and it’s all flippin’ potential out there, right?

U:  I hear you.

Me:  Then I hereby focus my intent and all that potentiality out there into Scott, standing here, holding me.  Poof.

U:  You seem to forget he has a good reason for not being here.

ME:  Yeah.

U:  You working on that?

Me:  Um, yeah.

U:  By standing in your room stomping your feet and demanding your way?

Me:  Um.

U:  I got nothing for you if you won’t work on yourself.

Me:  Ok sorry.

U:  Why don’t we pray, or meditate.

Me:  I‘m taking a nap.


Written by Shannon Udell

July 21, 2010 at 5:00 am

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