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17 Reasons Writing is Good For The Heart

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I am trying to spend more time writing that thinking.  Or at least I’m giving each equal time.  You might guess there are moments when the reality I imagine gets a fearsome strangle hold on how things actually are.  I’m working to overcome that panic.  Writing is a disciplined listener and a balm for my wounded soul.  It feels good to journal, to text, to post and when all else fails, to write a list:

17 Reasons Writing is Good For The Heart

  • Relief – it’s good to get some things out of your system
  • Release – if I didn’t write, I’d explode
  • Confidence –  seeing my thoughts on paper helps me know what to say
  • Secrecy – my journal will never tell
  • Exposure – my blogs tell all
  • Sorting – my thoughts don’t arrange themselves in a Harvard outline
  • Connection – I want you to know you are not alone
  • Healing – once pieced together on paper, things can begin to come together in the heart
  • Accomplishing – the soul loves a fully crossed out to-do list
  • Resolution – write it down, read it every day, get it done
  • Story – tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine
  • Poetry – the whole truth without messy linear thinking
  • Worship – to honor with words of love for posterity
  • Honesty – written thoughts have an honest weight
  • Glamour – I sound so much better in print
  • Simplicity – easier than trying to remember
  • Power – if I say it and you say it, we are both stronger

Written by Shannon Udell

July 5, 2010 at 12:13 pm

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