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The Places Where Changes Live

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I had two conversations yesterday that have helped dispel a lot of the bitterness I have been feeling about this separation.  The first was with my mom as she talked about how many times she and my dad have had to reinvent themselves to be able to move forward in their lives.  That is encouraging alongside the long talk Scott and I had.  The conversation wound around through what we both need to take out of our time apart and how we feel about our relationship right now as opposed to say one month ago.  We both agree, our fighting IS NOT GOOD.  We both share in this, and since the initial decision to split, we haven’t fought.  It’s a freaking world record, no lie.  We have been kind to one another and have really learned to SEE each other.  This is momentum we don’t want to lose and jumping back together based on two weeks would be inviting another regression.

Sucky, suck, suck.  So we move forward, in different directions.  And try to find the place where two whole people can re-converge.


Written by Shannon Udell

June 16, 2010 at 6:33 am

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