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Packing.  I’m going through and touching every thing and deciding if it stays or goes.  Who needs it more?  I realize that I’m boxing a lot of this up for my daughters to set up at keepers of their own home.  Not that they will be waiting on some father figure, the three of them will be living more like three adult roomies and Scott’s a pretty tidy guy.  It’s more that the girls will want things their way and are the ones with the fussy kitchen habits.  Scott will not care much about getting the kombucha just right, keeping the seitan fresh or making sure the yogurt sets up.  But have I taught the girls?  Are they ready?  Am I?


Written by Shannon Udell

June 11, 2010 at 6:18 am

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  1. […] The stress of packing and moving and leaving and changing set off something inside me as well.  My appetite is shrinking and I feel filled by smaller amounts.  I eat less but crave more nutrient dense foods and then feel completely nourished by them.  One thing I’m discovering is that meat is just not my friend anymore.  This is very sad, because I know some magical grill-masters.  All my body wants right now is grains, fruit, sprouts, and greens, greens, greens.  Um, and coffee. […]

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